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  1. Can any of you tell me what might cause a 10 yr olds o2 stats too raise and lower in a 3 day period? He went into the hospital with a case of Numonea and ended up at La' Boner in the ICU the ended up having too put him on a respirator and he stayed on it for 2 days and this morning they took him off of it and his stats where up over 95 and tonight all of the sudden they drop down too 85 and they are administuring oxygen and helium mixture trying too not have too put him back on the reperatior... any of you have any thoughts on this? what would cause them too get normal then drop all of the sudden?
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  3. by   InNeedVancouver
    After arriving from Edmonton, my brother was admitted to the hospital in Vancouver on Saturday and was diagnosed with the Numonea. He is now on a respirator in critical condition. Does anyone know how to find the best specialists in Vancouver??? I am from New York and am unfamiliar with the system and the doctors there. Thanks.