1. Hi, all
    I just got back from Orlando and my first NTI. It was awesome when Patricia Benner received the Visionary Leadership Award, it gave me chills. I just completed taking Novice to Expert while working on my BSN. I hope to go back next year (New Orleans) with my CCRN and a new AACN member.
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  3. by   pickledpepperRN
    Oh definitely go next year.
    I have attended two NTIs in New Orleans.
    Isn't Pat Benner an inspiration? Meeting critical care nurses from all over! What a boost1

    What a city. I slept all the way home on the plane because I was in the Quarter enjoying music and food every afternoon. Skipped the last segment of Wednesday to hear the Razzberry Jazz Band at Mahogany Hall! It was worth giving up 1.5 CE.

    We can learn so much in a few days.


    PS: Try to attend the CCRN luncheon too.
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