1. I am wondering how many ICU's do work with NDU (nursing development unit) concept, and how it does suit. This question because of writing a paper for my ICU training in the Netherlands.
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  3. by   ehaist
    Hello Paul: What is your e-mail? I would like to converse with you directly. I am an ICU nurse working on my master's degree in Nursing at UCLA in California. My specialty is in cardiothoracic surgery/cardiology. What specific questions do you have regarding nursing development? I am not familiar with this term, but I am interested to know about evidenced-based nursing in the Netherlands. I would some day like to come to NL to work and live, and I would like to know what the nursing conditions are in NL. What specific tasks do ICU nurses do? Do they intubate, manage and operate Swan-Ganz (pulmonary artery catheters), arterial lines, chest-tubes, etc.? My direct e-mail is haist1@juno.com. Please feel free to contact me with your questions and I will formulate mine. Thank you for this opportunity to communicate.


    Eric P. Haist, R.N., M.S.N. (c), A.C.N.P.

    P.S. Do you know of any advanced (mastergraad) nurse practitioners in NL? Can you direct me to them for correspondence by e-mail? Thank you!