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  1. I am assisting in the setting up of a new Medical High Dependancy Unit in my hospital. we have been earmarked the cash by the hospital Trust and its going to be situated on the Gastero-haematology ward currently 31 beds. the way the ward ig organized is four large bays and three cubicles. as you alk in th edoor bay one is immediately roud the corner with bays 2 and 3 opposite the Nurses station then Bay 4 is at the other end of the ward. i dont know wheher it would be more convinient to put the HDU nearest the main dors so patients dont have to go through the whole ward or put it at the end so that people dont walk in. it will be either six beds matching the Surgical HDU ont eh other side of the hospital or eight beds. does any one have any ideas about how the layout should be. it's a large rectangular room. or if they have any ideas of equipment and other things i sohould include whilst i have the funding?

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