MICU tips?

  1. I'm a new grad who just got hired in an MICU. I don't start for about another month or so. In the mean time I thought I would see if anyone has any pointers for me. What are the most common drugs in this setting that I should familiarize myself with? Most common diagnoses in the MICU? Anything you might suggest I study up on?

    Any help is appreciated.
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  3. by   hypocaffeinemia
    I'm a new grad entering the MICU, too.


    Great site.
  4. by   getoverit
    Ask your nurse manager or educator to set up an account with the AACN and take the ECCO course. That will give a good overview on the environment and also help you find out what you are comfortable with and what you need to spend more time studying.
    icufaqs.org is a great website. so is nurse bob's micu-ccu survival guide, not sure of the url.
  5. by   MachewRN
    Thanks guys!