low blood glucose?

  1. I am currently taking care of an 83 y/o female s/p ASA O/D. This lady is bottoming out on her blood glucose. 1 amp of D-50 q 2 h at least. She is also on a D-10 gtt at 125cc/hr but her glucose levels are in the 80's at best. Every 2 hours it drops into the low 50's and 40's, I push the D-50, the next hour it is about upper 80'2 t0 low 90's then drops down again. What am I missing? Could her glycogen stores be used up? Her total nutrition is low also, family states all she eats is Ramen noodles and some kind of soup. Any info would be appreciated. THANX!!! BTW...She is also on Dopamine gtt for hypotension and has "mild" pneumonia, afebrile and vented on a versed gtt.
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  3. by   dorimar
    Possibly acute adrenal insufficiency.

  4. by   oblove23
    may be something is wrong at the liver
  5. by   emsboss
    This poor lady...still on a vent...Now the family says DNR...Docs are saying acute liver failure...

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