Looking for some advice/thoughts on switching to MIC. So

  1. Hi everyone, I currently work on a very busy surgical/telemetry floor in a level one trauma center. I'm a fairly new nurse still, almost a year of experience (next month) and I'm feeling a little worn out at times. I don't hate my floor by any means. I've recently just switched to nights and I'm loving the people I work with as we are a great team. As a newer nurse I have to do a nurse residency program and I got to shadow in the MICU a few weeks back and I really liked it while I was there. 2 MICU positions were just posted like 3 days ago so now I'm torn between contacting that nurse manager and seeing if I can shadow for one of those positions or if I should stay on my floor another 6 months or so then see if another position opens up. I'm not sure if I can make it another full year on my floor as we have such a high patient turn over rate and it's exhausting. I wouldn't actually apply for that position until my 1 year is up of course because I can't leave until I've been on my floor a year. I'm also nervous about talking to my manager about any of it as I feel she wouldn't be pleased and I'm a huge people pleaser unfortunately. Thoughts anyone??
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