howd this happen?

  1. ok,
    not sure what gods i prayed to correctly but got into a SICU. precepted there during school and was determined to get back. got a month of prep time to study (currently on stepdown floor) and wondering what some essential reading material is. currently i have the ICU book, clever name i know, its got a blue cover and seems to be good info. any other guidance is awesome.
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  3. by   athena55
    I am at work right now, but how about checking out ?
    And, best of luck to you as you start your career in critical care!
    Think about joining AACN
  4. by   cruel shoes
    Congrats! I'm nearly a year and a half out from graduation and into a med/surg ICU. Every night I carry with me Nancy Diepenbrock's "Quick Reference to Critical Care" and Hildy Schell, et al's "Critical Care Nursing Secrets." Also second the above poster's endorsement of The ICU Book by Marino is a great resource. Good luck!