From tele/stepdown to SICU!

  1. I will be starting work at an SICU in a smaller community hospital after working in a major metro university hospital tele and stepdown unit. I will have a preceptorship for 8-12 wks, but I think I will be on the floor with a preceptor before I actually start my critical care course. What things should I be studying and reviewing before I start? I have a little over a month.
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  3. by   Weezie

    I love this site. Good luck at your new job!
  4. by   tbrnbsn
    review swans, alines and rhythms etc. learn normal an abnormal for these above mentioned ideas. remember no question is silly. if you are not sure about something ask! you do not want to make a mistake that may cause harm to your pts. sicu can be very difficult and frustrating. i hope you work with a good preceptor and wonderful co workers. they can be the best help in the world