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  1. Does anyone out there work in a hospital that has a "closed" critical care float policy, that is, a policy where CC nurses only float to CC areas? I am currently on a committee that will be submitting a proposal to our hospital's Staffing Advisory Committee for closed floating. If anyone has such a policy in place, please leave a message here or e-mail me. Thanks!
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  3. by   mattsmom81
    I floated within a 3 unit critical care area and we kept a 'book' in our home unit to keep track of whose turn it was to go when census dropped, etc.

    PRN's were lst to go, then part time, then fulltimers. The supervisors got so they would just let us hash it out...they wouldn't even get involved in the decision anymore...LOL!
  4. by   mattcastens
    Did you have a written policy noting that you would not float out of the units, or was it simply understood?
  5. by   mattsmom81
    It was understood...to be honest I am unsure if it was written policy...probably not in retrospect.

    I recall being ASKED as PRN staff to float to stepdown (outside our 3 critical areas)...but it was not mandated... when I declined it was OK.

    We were required to float freely to SICU, NICU (neuro) and CCU and were encouraged to gain basic competency in all 3 areas. The scheduling also allowed for PRN's on duty who would be the designated 'floater' in most instances.

    Our fulltimers generally disliked floating and would often ask to be canceled rather than be mandated to float. Of course this didn't always fly.

    Good luck with your policy...it will be good if you can get one!

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