Accuity based staffing

  1. We are a 600 bed hospital with 7 ICU's and we are currently redesigning our accuity based staffing model. Our ratio is 2:1 or 1:1 at times. I would appreciate if you could send me copies of your accuity sheets to help us with this task. Thanks
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  3. by   LRichardson
    Seedee.. in what part of the country are you located?? what's he purpose in going to acuity based staffing?? sounds like y'all are already staffed well... is the intention to take it to 3:1 at times?? and you're using some kind of scale to determine that?? do you have a rough draft already?? could you share on the boards if you do??

    Our management "unofficially" does staffing based on acuity.. but there is nothing formal about it.. it's more of the charge nurses call based on her experience.. although i'm not trying to be cynical sometimes it seems it's just an excuse to understaff the unit.. I would be very interested in what type of "acuity sheets" you have...