Tuition reimbursement- U of M or St. Joe's

  1. Anyone know how much tution either U of M or St. Joe's reimburses for full-time employees? I have heard U of M pays 80%. Thanks!
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  3. by   eborgelt
    Actually, U of M uses a strange formula to fugure out their tuition reimbursement. They pay a percentage of what full time in state tuition would be at U of M. They pay the same amount regardless of what school you attend. Then it is changed based on your appointment fraction. It works out to about $800 a semester if you are a 40 hour a week employee. I have a 36 hour appointment, so mine worked out to $776.25 this semester and I got the maximum allowed.
    Elizabeth, LPN
  4. by   Mom2EJA
    I was just hired for a part time position at St. Joe's. Included with the benefits packet was info on tuition reimbursement. Part time employees can receive up to $800.00 per year for tuition reimbursement and up to $1200.00 per year for full time employees. Hope this helps.