Traveling to Ann Arbor- how is it

  1. I am very familiar with AA and the UofM but have been gone awhile. Now I am looking to return for awhile and was thinking about returning as a traveling nurse. Has anyone done this recently to either the UofM or St. Joe's and what suggestions might you have in terms of who to go there with. thank you.
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    Hey. I work part time at Uof M (20 hours a week at U of M will get you FULL TIME benefits) in the Trauma/Burn ICU. I also work contingent at St. Joes in Ann Arbor (contingent rates are $36-38 per hour). St. Joes is a VERY friendly and nurse autonomous place to work. People are generally happy but an older crowd (I'm 29). U of M as I mentioned has great benefits and very specific areas to practice. Staffing is WONDERFUL there...lots of singeled patients in the ICU's. Young and fun crowd. Let me know if I can be of help!! have to pay to park as an employee, but not a lot!