SVSU ADN/BSN Concurrent Program

  1. I'm looking for anyone who is either a current or former student in the ADN to BSN concurrent program at Delta/SVSU (or at Kirtland CC/SVSU) to share their experience with the program. How difficult was it to manage the workload? Do you feel the extra work was worth cutting a year off compared to a traditional RN-BSN program?

    About Me: My first semester in the ADN program went very well- managed to get great grades and balanced my family life well (I have 4 children and a supportive husband). I was planning on starting in a BSN completion program ASAP following graduation (my long term goal is a DNP) and hadn't really considered the concurrent program until SVSU contacted me based on my grades. I'm trying to figure out if getting the BSN faster will be worth the extra stress or if I should just stick with my original plan. Thank you!
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