Should I or shouldn't I call to follow up on an interview

  1. I had an interview at a hospital a couple weeks ago I really want to work at this hospital and on the unit I interviewed for. The interview with the Nurse Manager and Nurse Recruiter went very well. The next day I sent them both thank you emails and then later on the next day I physically took them both thank you cards and dropped them off to Human Resources and the receptionist stated that she would give my thank you cards to both the Nurse Recruiter & Nurse Manager. In the interview they both stated I would hear something by the end of the following week. Well, its been a few days past their deadline.

    Should I call the nurse recruiter to follow up on the status of my interview? Or should I wait to hear from them since I already sent them thank you cards expressing my interest in the position. I really do hate to come across as a pest, but I am on pins & needles wanting to know their decision.

    What do you think?
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  3. by   SnowStar4
    Doesn't hurt to give them a quick call.