RN Grad starting pay at St. John Macomb

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    I am currently a nursing student (will graduate in December 2017). I am also currently a summer nurse-extern at St. John Hospital in Macomb. Once the externship program ends, I plan to continue on my unit as a nurse tech. I was wondering if anyone who works at this hospital knows the starting pay for new grads. And would being a nurse extern/tech also help increase my starting pay as an RN?

    Thank you!
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  3. by   CallMeRN
    Hello mb9272,

    I used to work for the SJP system (quit last year) and I can tell you that the starting pay is around 26 something. That's on par with all the hospitals in the area. I can also tell you that nurse tech experience won't increase your starting pay. They have a set new grad starting pay. You can also try and negotiate though.
  4. by   ThrowAway_Account

    I was paid 18.44 as a nurse tech at st john macomb - now I will be an actual RN and the pay is close to 28$. At Henry Ford Detroit for a new grad rn, it is 27.25.