Provisional (temp) licenses in MI are a state-sponsored scam!

  1. Do NOT get a provisional (temp) license in Michigan!

    It's a ploy by the state to get more money- I called the number of the state board to see why I hadn't gotten my license since it was supposed to be available upon receipt of verification of my license in Oregon- Oregon is a NURSYS state which means that you pay to have your license instantly verified through their system to the jurisdiction you're applying to. The representative on the phone told me there is "NO benefit" to getting a provisional license and that the processing time is still the same as getting a permanent license (6-8 weeks)! I'm so peeved- I spent $10 extra dollars that I could have used on groceries

    Whatever, I did my fiscal duty to the state

    Save $10, just get the endorsement

    If someone has a good experience, please share!
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  3. by   resilientnurse
    Thank you for your post! You have saved me $10. I did not bother to apply for it and put the money in my gas tank instead.
  4. by   Anne36
    Yes, thanks for the heads up, even though Im only a student I appreciate it.
  5. by   MalPal825
    I had a hard time understanding the difference between the provisional license and license through endorsement. Thanks for the clarification!