OU Riverview Cohort F Roll Call

  1. Hello ladies and gents! Are there any other OU Riverview Cohort F students out there. We have finished our pre-reqs and I'm so excited about starting.
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  3. by   StinkMomBomb
    I'm a cohort c grad but GO GRIZZLIES!!!.Listen to ****** , she's the best! Good Luck , and yes it's do-able.
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    JusyBeachy, Thanks for the edit, after it posted and I read TOS a little more, I wanted to erase but couldn't (not a member). I wanted to pay a compliment but realized I shouldn't be name dropping. Good Looking Out!
  5. by   EmilyEmily
    How are the instructors at this school? Do they provide power points and other tools to make sure the students are successful?