Nursing Schools

  1. I am about to move to the Redford Area in Michigan and I want to get stared on nursing schools. However I do not know of any good schools or programs. I found online that U of M is good and so is Wayne University but other than those two I am clueless. I plan on going for my BSN and I do not have any Prereqs as of yet.
    Can anyone suggest any paths I should take. Im
    open to all suggestions and advice.
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  3. by   CanadianAbroad
    HFCC is good, but it is an ADN program. Davenport is good in Warren. University of Detroit is good as well. I think you need to look at what is required for entry and if you are wanting to do an ADN program prior to completing your BSN. Either way, you are looking at upwards of a 45 mins drive to school, depending on where you can get in. There are waiting lists and the prereqs needed.