New Grad Salaries in Detroit

  1. Just Wondering if anyone can answer the following for me for new grad in Detroit hospitals. I am thinking of moving to Detroit from Tennessee

    hourly pay,
    shift differential,
    tuition reimbursement,
    student loan repayment,
    areas in which graduate nurses are allowed to work
    and the length of graduate nurse orientation period

    Also do they sponsor international nurses for Green card?
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  3. by   suzanne4
    Henry Ford Hospital has in the past, you would need to contact them to see if they are still doing it.
  4. by   annarborGUYRN
    Ann Arbor is 40 minutes west of Detroit and a wonderful place to live and work. University of Michigan:
    New grad salary :$22.70
    Shift diff:$1.00 for nights and afternoons PLUS Quarterly bonus of $300 every three months and $2000 yearly.
    Tuition Reimbursment :75%
    Retirement:You put in 5% and UM outs in 10%
    They DO take new grads into specialty areas (OR,ICU's...)
    Young crowd and staffed VERY well!