New Grad Moving to Grand Rapids in August

  1. Hi everyone,

    I'm graduating from a Colorado BSN nursing program this May and will be moving to the Grand Rapids area as my husband will be pursuing graduate school up there. Just looking for tips on getting settled in to the nursing scene, hospital and unit culture, and where to apply.

    As a new grad, I'm pretty much trying to be flexible with what kind of workplace I start out at.

    My top departments I would love to join would be Labor & Delivery, Surgical floor, or Oncology (where I did my senior practicum). However, a healthy team environment, receptiveness to new nurses, and unit organization are much more important to me than the actual department I'm in.

    So, what hospitals and units do you all recommend?
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  3. by   Moriah01
    St. Mary's hospital has a year long new residency program. You can apply there but you'll need your transcripts and two recommendations from two professors.