NET Test

  1. I am applying for WCCCD on June 30th and I failed my first time taking the NET @HFCC and am retaking it at HFCC this week. How many times can you take the NET all together. I wanna sign up for an extra day just in case. Emergency purposes. lol. Thanks
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  3. by   d3dicated2
    I attend HFCC and they only give you 3 chances to take the NET.
  4. by   Libberino
    Is there anyplace else to take the NET Test before the June 30th WC3 deadline?
  5. by   Logans Mama
    Not that I'm aware of. I just took my NET for the second time at HFCC and passed but i also signed up for a third chance just to improve. I registered for it a few months ago and it was packed full. I don't know if they have any openings but go on the website and see. I don't know about other schools though.
  6. by   Libberino
    Guess me getting into the WC3 program was not meant to be yet! Thanks for your info.
  7. by   Logans Mama
    Why don't you call up schoolcraft or a few other place and stalk the henry ford website in case someone drops. You never know right??