Might be reclocating to MI, need help!

  1. Hi guys..first, thanks everyone who responds and gives your advice.
    I am originally from Ontario, Canada and moved just outside of Philly 5 years ago (got married). My husband and I are seriously considering to the MI area (since I'm done school) to be closer to my family.
    We are not familiar with the MI area and are curious to know:
    Where are 'good' places to live? (good schools, safe, good location for work)
    How expensive can property taxes get in MI?
    Thanks again!
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    i pm'd you
  4. by   caprice
    I have lived near Philli in New Jersey and also in Ca but grew up and currently live in Oakland County Michigan. If I were a nurse I would really like to work at Beaumont Hospital. I think there a great hospital that is in Royal Oak. I grew up in an expensive area West Bloomfield which is very nice but depending on finances it could be an issue. Something to look at though is prices in housing can vary so much even in a mile difference. Also if you have or planning children looking into school districts.If I can help please feel free to ask.