Macomb Community College Nursing Weekly Schedule?

  1. I will be applying to Macomb Community College Nursing program for Fall 2018. Can any current students or graduates of this program tell me what your weekly schedule looks like. For example, the days and times of your classes and clinicals. Also, where are the clinicals held?
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  3. by   dulce_beso9
    I'm planning to apply then too and would like to know this as well!
  4. by   GiveMeTheCoffee
    The schedule changes every 8 weeks and is different for everyone. For the first 8 weeks it's usually 4 days a week with one 3 hour lab, one 6 hour lab, and two lectures. After that things get even more complicated with the 8 week segments being divided into 4 week classes and an 8 week clinical. Rotations are done at all major metro hospitals and there's just no way to plan for it. Prepare yourself for complete dedication and try to be in a job that's part time or less with extremely flexible hours.