1. I am looking for any new grads or current students who are LPN's working toward their RN. What school are you going to? Do you like your program? How long is your bridge? Do you feel like you are getting quality clinical experience? Thanks!
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  3. by   mkcrturner
    I am at HFCC. After taking all your pre req's they have a class- one credit hour called NSG091. It is once a week for 5 weeks and it covers NSG 120 & NSG 126. That way when you are in the actual program and at clinicals the bridge student does care plans, head to toe exam, etc. EXACTLY the same as those new students who spent 15 weeks in 120 and 126.
    When that is done they give you one semester credit (for 120& 126) which leaves you with only 3 semesters left. 150 & 155, 221 & 222, then lastly 250 & 255. Each semester is 15 weeks, each class/clinical is 7.5 weeks.
    The schedule is Tue & Wed for class or Clinical, then Thu & Fri for class or clinical. ie; I am taking CLinicals tue & wed, will be in class ono campus thu and fri. Mondays are not available.
  4. by   xoemmylouox
    Thanks for the reply. That doesn't sound too bad at all. My LPN program had been 5 days a week.