License valid but what if unemployed for a long time?

  1. Getting that RN job has been really hard for me. I took too long on the vacation and reciprocity after licensure.
    How long is my MICHIGAN license REALLY active if I haven't used it even if I keep renewing? This case is possibly rare but I couldn't find answers online. I hear Michigan doesn't offer inactive status, it's either you renew or let it expire. But for the better I'd prefer renewing so I don't have to retake the NCLEX in the future.
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    The best source for your answer is the Michigan BON--you should drop them a note (anonymous if you prefer) and ask.

    I do know that some states require that you work a certain number of hours a year, or if you're not employed will ask about any unpaid/volunteer work that you did during that time. But I don't know if that applies to Michigan...and the Michigan BON would know better than I