HFCC pre-reqs

  1. Can any one tell me what pre-reqs you need to have done at HFCC before you can be put on the wait list? What ones after? And do they take other schools NET scores?

    The link to it is down on the website. Thanks!!
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  3. by   tonyal
    you have to take the NEt at HFCC. otherwise from what i remember you needed eng. 131 & 132 chem. 131, math 074,(which you need math 080 for chem) and bio 131. oh and psych 131 to get ont the list, but I cant remember if there were more.
    after that you need bio 233 &234 (anatomy) pharmacology, soc 131 and psych 253 (lifespan) but that is all i remember. you might want to call and get the info from a counselor in case anything has changed.