1. Hello, I was wondering if anyone here is familiar with Grand Valley's nursing program. I am looking at doing their second degree program (probably the 5 semester program as opposed to the accelerated one). Does anyone know how competative the program is to get into, and if they go by GPA, interview, experience, etc? Also is there a waiting list for their program?
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  3. by   lakerette01

    I just finished the 2nd degree program at GVSU, well last August anyway. When I started they just changed the requirements. I believe they have like 64 spots total for the regular nursing program, not the accelerated one, and the first 32 are GPA, and I think the 2nd 32 are lottery. I could be wrong, but that is what I last heard. I would make an appointment with a advisor if you can..

    Let me know if you anymore questions.. I can try to help you as best as I can..