GRCC waiting list?

  1. Does anyone know if there is really a 3 year wait list at Grand Rapids Community College for ADN? I am pretty much going to be forced to do LPN then go for ADN/RN b/c I have to work at least part time just to make it by, and I can't just sit around for 3 years waiting... and I only need about 16 credits of the pre-reqs and classes you can take while waiting to get in and it certainly won't take me 3 years to complete 16 credits! how depressing lol
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  3. by   star.crush
    Thats what i was told
  4. by   emmasma
    That is what they say, 2 years for the full time LPN.
  5. by   mandy1623
    look into Davenport or Baker in Muskegon if you could travel there, i dont think either one has a wait list. They're both more expensive i think, i'm not sure what GRCC's tuition is though.
  6. by   star.crush
    I waited for 6 years for Grcc RN program and another girl 7 years. It is terrible.