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    I am a new-ish nurse with a little over a year experience at a level one trauma center in Florida on a neuroscience unit (4:1 patient ratio). I'm moving to Grand Rapids in the early summer to be closer to family. I would love to stay in neuro because I like and am used to the patient population. I know absolutely nothing about any of the hospitals in Grand Rapids as I am originally from Indiana and have only worked as a nurse in FL. I would like to work towards working on a neuro ICU floor. I would love to hear from any neuro nurses in Michigan and where they work, if he/she likes where they work, etc. If you work in neuro ICU, how many weeks of orientation did you get? I'm also interested in trying other units as well. If anyone can recommend a great unit to work on or hospital he/she likes to work at it, I would really appreciate the comments. I'm excited about moving to Michigan!
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