for those of you who are in accelerated programs or going to one....

  1. I've applied to U of D's accelerated program. Any insight or info on the program? Will I need to write a goal statement or anything? It doesn't say on the website. How do you like the program overall? Were you waitlisted or did you get right in?

    Thanks alot

    quinn, hopefully entering in 2007
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  3. by   katpost
    Im going to University of Phoenix for my associate in health administration a online credited course which I don't know if I'm doing the right thing. In October I'm taking a three week training course to become certified CNA My goal is to become an RN am I wasting my time by going to an online school when I still have to take my clinicals somewhere else? It's just so convenient for me to take online classes because I work 3rd shift. And something else someone can answer for me I hope. You do need your bachelors degree to become an RN right?
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