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  1. Hello, I just wanted to get feedback on anyone who has ever attended , graduated or is currently Dorsey Pn program. I am a nurse assistant,who recently just got accepted into the program that starts in April. I am very excited and would like to know of experiences from anyone who has attended. How the was program? what are the days and hrs of clinicals? How did you study and any study tips that will help, etc... And are there any new students that will be attending April program as well. Any information is valuable Appreciated...Thanks
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  3. by   YesImVictorious
    I just graduated from there in Dec class is usually 9-2 except clincial days 7-3:30 clinicals one day a weeek. Good program I passed nclex first try 85 questions dont be lazy, read your materials and take ati serious allow it to be your bestfriend
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    I believe there is another Dorsey topic under Michigan and LPN/LVN with more responses.