Correctional Nursing

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    I am currently a student nurse and I am considering options for me at graduation, I figured it is never too early to explore different areas. I am interested in public health/Community health nursing but I realize most positions are for BSN and higher. I am currently going for my ADN with the idea of starting work and doing a RN to BSN program. My background prior to nursing school is primarily working in EMS and was wondering if anyone has some advice of the best way to pursue the public/community health route. After doing some clinicals I'm not all that thrilled about doing regular med/surg type of hospital nursing and was curious about possibly starting with correctional nursing as that somewhat correlates with public health nursing. Is it possible to start out there as an ADN without hospital experience?
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  3. by   Despareux
    As of today, you can work in a correctional facility with an ADN.
  4. by   CorazonDeOro
    I graduated with 2 people (ADN) program who both got correctional positions with no experience. This was just over a year ago.
  5. by   MichiganRN13
    Thank you