Coming fromGeorgia-What Good BSN prgms Rochester -ClassesTransfer?statefunds ie;HOPE

  1. Hi. I have my CNA lic now and I am about complete with all major preqs for BSN.
    I will be living near Rochester. I know the competition is hard here in GA due to the HOPE scholarship. DOes MI have anything like that.
    Does anyone know which are good schools to apply to for BSN? I am looking for a supportive school, not a ball busting school like some are here.

    Does anyone have experience with transfering classes?

    Im a very single mom so if you can recommend any good resources, that'd be great. I left my abusive husband and need all the help I can get!

    Oh is OU so hard to get into for their nursing program? Is it so good?

    Thank you in advance!!! :redpinkhe
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  4. by   Ryba
    OU is a fabulous school - but also difficult.