ceu's while in school?

  1. I have heard varying statements re this: if you are actively in college to continue your education do you still have to do the ceu's
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  3. by   jonamb
    I was led to believe that if you are taking college courses r/t nursing, then you are probably covered for your ceu's. I think it depends on how many credit hours you are taking. I would check with the state board of nursing to make sure. Also, keep in mind that MI now requires at least one of the ceu's be in pain manangement.
  4. by   pedsnurze1
    How many credits does the pain management CE have to be and where can I find some good ones?
  5. by   jonamb
    At least one CEU must be in pain and pain symptom management. I got mine from Nursing Education of America (www.nursingeducation.com). It was a hospice overview course, but it satisfies the requirement (it should tell you in the course if it is acceptable or not). There is a fee for this course. I'm sure you could go online and find free ones. Try going to Google and typing in "nursing continuing education". I know there are sites that offer free CEU's. Also, if you're taking classes, ask your instructors if any of the course material is acceptable. Hope this helps.