1. Has anyone taken the biology CLEP before? Any advice or study aids you'd recommend?
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  3. by   777RN

    I took the bio CLEP test a few years ago. It wasn't bad. I used the free videos on HippoCampus Biology - Homework and Study Help - Free help with your Biology homework

    I also referred to this study guide:

    A newer edition is available. Really, though, any basic biology text--in my opinion, the shorter the better--can help prepare you for the exam. Other free science videos and lectures abound on the Internet as well. Youtube is great. I would go with whatever format/source resonates with you.

    Good luck!
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  4. by   midido80
    Thanks so much! I'll have to look into those sources. I'm taking it July 11th so I don't have much time to cram!
  5. by   midido80
    I passed! It wasn't easy, seemed like there was a huge focus on chemistry which isn't my strongest area.... But I got through it and can move on with my life! :-D
  6. by   777RN
    Congratulations! That's wonderful! Best wishes in your future endeavors!