Attn: New MCC Nursing Students

  1. First, let me say CONGRATS for making it in! MCC has a great program and excellent instructors.

    One of the things you might want to think about is joining/becoming involved with Macomb's Student Nurse Association. Check out our website at You'll find a lot of info on this site, along with a link to the yahoo forums.

    Welcome to MCC...
    and feel free to contact me with any questions/concerns you may have.

    Laurie Trupkovich
    Co-Director, Membership MCCSNA, Class of October 2008
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  3. by   happymamaof2
    Hi, I start the program in March of '08 and have been reading a lot of the blogs. Quite a few mention a good way to prepare (I have 3 months off of school) is to buy some comprehension flash cards or books. I am having trouble choosing one. Could you lead me in the right direction? And any tips you have on a good way to prepare (books to read or study) as well as subjects, I would REALLY appreciate it!! Thanks so much! Christina