Atten: Mid michigan nurses

  1. Hello, just wondering if there are any mid michigan nurses out there? I am looking to find others that work in the same area as myself. I work in Lansing, on the night shift. I would like to find people that face the same challenges as myself.
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  3. by   rjflyn
    Work over here in A2 on nights. Not all that bad. That and it's only 3 nights a week unless one picks up overtime which there is plenty to be had- been here a year and havent been mandated one time.

  4. by   MelRN13
    I work in Lansing, and just recently went from nights to days.
  5. by   nurse96
    Hello, I work in Owosso, between Flint and Lansing. Small 160bed hospital. no union,
    "most wired" computer in every pt room, but not enough thermometers, :chuckle esp for a surgical unit :angryfire