Are there two different patterns to auscultate lungs?

  1. My question is about auscultation of the lungs. I am a first year Nursing student and my clinical instructor taught us to auscultate the lungs using 8 points to auscultate. The pattern we followed was side to side and NOT side, side ,down, side, down, etc. we used a Z pattern. All the books I have looked at do not use the pattern I was taught, now my problem is that I was failed by another clinician for not using this pattern, I used the side to side Z pattern. That is how I was taught and how I was checked off and how I passed. Now they are saying I failed, when the schools instructor was the one that taught us that way. Is there any evidence to prove that the lungs can be assessed in the Z pattern and it is as effective and correct? Why would I learn a different way if it were not acceptable? Please help, I do not want to have to sit out an entire semester!!!! By the way this is at a Med. Surg. I level.

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