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  1. Hi everyone! I just graduated from an LPN program at then end of May and am waiting for my ATT. I have been hired at University of Michigan hospital, but would like to find a second part time job also. I will be moving to the Ann Arbor area from Toledo and don't know much about the area. I am looking to apply someplace with 6p-6a or 10p or 11p-6a start times. I have to be at class at 7am, so I need a 6a or 6:30a end time. Does anyone know of anywhere in the area with these types of shifts???

    Elizabeth GPN
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  3. by   annarborGUYRN
    You mentioned classes. Are you going on to become an RN?
    If so check out
    Distance learning for LPN's to become an RN
    Good luck!