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Miami Dade LPN Program

by misswannabe misswannabe (New) New

Any body applying tto Miami Dade LPN program or anyone enrolled now? Is it difficult to gtet in any feed back will help because I'm applying for Fall and I"m scared. Please help:eek:


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I heard that for miami-dade college LPN program there's a waiting list. However, i am currently enrolled in the Lindsey Hopkins Practical nursing program... there's no wait, and its not expensive at all. If you want more information look for lindey hopkins adult vocational school, and ask them! Remember you can always do a bridge program to change from LPN TO RN~~> WHERE? i have no clue as of yet....


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Hi, I applied for the Lpn program at MDC for this year and I heard that there is no waiting line, You either get accepted or you don't, and you have the opportunity to apply again the next year.