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Miami Dade Generic Nursing 2011 Fall


Hey I'm about to finish all my pre reqs in the SPRING 2011 semester :yeah:. Is anyone else applying for the Fall 2011 Generic program ? If so have you taken your TEAS test. I'm also a little nervous about my GPA cause I heard its the most important factor to get into the program.

I'm also applying to BCC to have a backup. lool


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Wondering if you took your teas test yet? I took it today and got an 80. I'm not sure if that's enough to get in but I wanted to compare with a few other scores out there. Best of luck and hope to see you fall 2011!


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Did you get accepted? Are you beginning fall 2011, the generic f/t? Let me know. I am in, and would like to get acquainted with a couple of my fellow classmates.



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There's a rather large thread called "MDC Fall 2011," and a bunch of us are on there. Come join!