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Miami Dade College Accelerated RN


I will be done with my prereqs late next year. But I want to get an idea of what this program is like.

What were your preadmission stats?

Which MDC campus is the ABSN primarily held on?

What is your day like, with classes and clinicals?

And any other information you care to share would be so appreciated. Thanks!


Specializes in no real experience, just CNA. Has 5 years experience.

I'm not sure about stats, but what I can tell you is that the program awards an Associate of Science Degree, not a Bachelors. The nursing program is only available at Medical and Homestead campus. Lastly, the first semester is brutal, with students carrying 21 credit hours.

Yes, I mis-typed and wrote ABSN, when I meant to type AADN. Thanks for replying. I wanted to get a response of a "Day in the Life" of a student in this accelerated program.