MGCCC, Hinds CC and Jones CC (JCJC)

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Hey Everyone! Are there any future ADN hopefuls that are applying for the Fall 2018 class? If so, let's support each other here! These are the ones I intend to apply to. MGCCC's deadline is July 1st with Hinds and Jones being March 1st so I'm retaking the ACT and TEAS next month. So far, I have taken just Human Anatomy I and made a "B" so I have a 3.0, and a 21 ACT. I haven't taken the TEAS yet. I'm so excited and anxious already! Can you all(future, current and past students) share your scores too so I'd have a general idea of my chances and time to prepare?

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Im applying for the lpn to RN hybrid program; However, I was trying to apply this year, but they informed me i would have to have A&P 2 complete before applying.