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MGCC-JD Is there a waiting list for 2010?

tjmax tjmax (New) New

I plan on applying for JD MGCC, William Carey, and USM. I hope this will get me into one of the programs. I'm hearing that JD is the best option. But it seems that everyone applies there. Does anyone know if their are waiting list for JD for 2010? Does everyone get accepted if you meet all the requirements for JD and/or USM?:confused:

I don't think there's a waiting list. You aren't automatically accepted. The applicants are ranked by a score that is based on GPA, assessment test, and prereq's completed and the top applicants receive an acceptance letter.

You might want to talk to the nursing students at MGCCC before you decide to go there. They can give you insight as to the quality of the program - or lack thereof.


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