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Mercy Miami Hospital College of Nursing

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Hello all. :cat: I've read nothing but good things about the LPN-RN program at Mercy Miami Hospital but I have some questions. I'm about to register for the required general education courses at Broward College, and I'd like to gather some feedback to get a complete vision of what I'm ultimately committing to. As for classes and clinicals, what does the weekly schedule look like? Is it too soon to attend one of their info sessions if I don't intend to apply for another year? Their website doesn't give much of a timeline for anything.

Also, any advice from anyone who also did prereqs at Broward? I'm not considering their nursing program, but if you're a student there, I'd love some advice about what prereqs you felt were OK to take online and which were a must to take at their campus. Any instructors you enjoyed?

That's all I can think of for now. Thanks very much!

If you are a good self taught student look into Excelsior College in New York and you can do credit by exams and they are cheaper and can be completed on your on time along with being a quicker route. You would only then have to take the labs for the course.