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Mercer university advice please!!!!

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Hello Everyone,

I really need some serious advice. I live in Atlanta ,Ga, and attending my last semester at GPC now.

I am trying to get into my dream school Mercer University. I plan on taking the Teas before December 2010, depending which date i get. Im currently studying for it and also taking my last 2 classes (Nutrtion and Philosophy). My main concern is, i want to start the nursing program fall of 2011 I know i can start sooner but im planning to get married before fall 2011, so i can get the wedding planning and honeymoon out of the way before i start nursing school. I wanted to know when is the best time for me to start applying and sending my transcripts and as soon im done with my Teas i will be sending that also. I just dont know if its too soon for me to apply now, since i still have 2 more classes left and my Teas.

Also i know the school is very expensive, but i wanted to know how i can go about getting scholorships. should i start apply for them now. Or should i wait to get accepted first. Also where do i go to apply?

Im sorry for all the questions, im so confused and nervous because mercer is so competive.

Also i would like to know what are some classes that are considered general elective, and what cultural apprication , can i take it at GPC?

This is my bacKground:

Human Anatomy=B






Abnormal psyc=A


Human growth and development=B




Philosophy= currently taking and will complete in December 2010.

Nutrition=currently taking and will complete in December 2010.

Wow i have so many C's...would you guys recommend me to take those classes over and get an A? Or should i just forget about them and hope i get accepted?

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You should post this in the Region section in the Georgia forum. I have been accepted to Mercer and start this fall. I would recommend that you take your teas first and then apply. Mercer has rolling admission so you can really apply at anytime, but they only admit students for fall semester not spring. Also, get and keep contact with the admission advisors they are you best friend and really try to get to know you. They can pretty much help you with any and all of the questions you have don't be afraid to get in touch with them. I would also start looking into scholarships and grants or however you plan on paying for it because Mercer is an expensive school.

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haunani has 8 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Ortho/Neuro (2yrs); Mother/Baby (6yrs).

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Mercer's financial aid people are fantastic. I didn't go there for nursing, but was actually down at the Macon campus for my engineering degree. They really helped me with everything.

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