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  1. Hello everybody,

    First off I want to say that this post is going to be mostly personal so read on if you choose. This is also my first post here, although I have been reading these boards for 5+ years.

    Anyway, I recently graduated with from an accelerated second degree BSN program, April 2012. I precepted in an inner city SICU for 3 months, and was hired as a GN, then became licensed and am now practicing as an RN. Currently, I have 6 months of experience on this unit.

    Here is my problem #1,
    I am working midnights and I cannot stand midnight shift. This shift is absolutely awful. Now don't get me wrong, I don't hate my job by any means, but the shift is killing me. I feel unhealthy, I haven't had a good "sleep" in 3 months, and I am constantly tired. I've tried every schedule change imaginable: wake up late, wake up early, sleep in the day, sleep at night, you get the idea. It just comes down to the fact that I have ALWAYS been a morning person, and never have been able to do nights, at any job, at any time. My original intention was to stick it out and get the unmatched experience I am obtaining at my current job, being an SICU and all, and eventually apply to anesthesia school (my dream for the last 5 years). I have family in anesthesia both a CRNA, and MDA, along with other physicians, so I had a sparked interest early in nursing school. And I don't mean I woke up one day and decided to try to be a CRNA, my life has been designed around the eventual return to school. My car, house, finances, expenditures, etc., I have shadowed CRNA's multiple times over the last 3 years (even when I was in undergrad). These factors all have been carefully calculated to aide me in my goal.

    I find myself increasingly demotivated about going back to school, simply because I do not feel well most of the time. In fact, it seems as though my dream of CRNA school is slipping away. I blame it mostly on the night shift because I can parallel this phenomenon with other aspects in my life: I find myself caring less and less about things I used to be very excited about. It is strange, and I have never felt this way before. I thought I would enjoy nursing, and when I was training on days (aside from being stressed), I didn't have this feeling. I was eager to learn, and did not feel run down all the time.

    My point is, should I stick this midnight shift out to get the experience ultimately sacrificing my happiness and health?

    It is a 2+ year wait for a day shift here.
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  3. by   gwapo
    you can leave and find a dayshift job somewhere else. Or you can see your doctor and talk about it. i used to work with a nurse who talked about how she was on Provigil. look that med up.. I am not saying you should take it, all i am saying is my coworker was on it for symptoms similar to yours. My experience is a little different. worked night shift for the past 6 years and a couple months ago I started crna school. so there i was on my fisrt ever day shift in almost 7 yrs. I'd fall asleep in class and lose track. as you probably know, that isn't good for me while in such program. so i talked to my doctor and he recommended a Vitamin B12 shot. I think that helped.. I do not feel sleepy early in the day anymore.. towards 5pm, well, it's a different story when you've been sitting for 7 hours already and you got 2 more hrs to go. lol. good luck.
  4. by   nurse2033
    For me working nights was about finding the way for me to get sleep. I wouldn't rule out taking a prescribed sleep aid. You need BLACKout curtains, white noise, ear plugs, catch up on days off, make sure family know you're sleeping and set rules. I would always drink an energy drink at work so my body would clearly know when I was supposed to be up and sleeping. If you don't have blackout curtains I can't speak highly enough about them. Melatonin is suppressed by daylight on your skin. I have taken melatonin too, and it works, but only on the first day or two of your rotation. Good luck.
  5. by   itsnowornever
    Foil and duct tape. Hubby works nights every summer and for 8 years that's how we did it! I just got hired on nights and the foil is going back up! Good luck!
  6. by   SIguy_RN
    Currently all my Windows are blacked out, I take melatonin as well as Tylenol PM, I sleep from 9a-5p on work days, I catch up on days off, I wear sunglasses on the ride home and I schedule my days back to back x3. I do all of this and still feel like total garbage most of the time. I only have 6 mos experience so I don't theink.that is enough to get hired anywhere else on days. So..... Idk what to do. I'm just really tired of....being tired.