need some info from some LNA

  1. Hey everyone,

    I was considering taking a LNA course at my hospital this September. However are licensed nurse assistants the same as CNAs? certified nurse assistants? If so what should I expect. Im graduating high school, and very much considering getting out of working in a grocery store. I want to be able to have a more hands on job. Also a job where I can learn from others, helping others. I do belive this would be a wise choice indeed! Anyone who has been or is a LNA/CNA provide me with some of your expirences? I thank you very much.
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  3. by   ohiocleveland
    LNA is the same as a CNA. A CNA roll is the provide basic nursing care to patient. Which includes some of the following: Denture care, mouth care, ambulating, giving bath, changing beds occupied and unoccupied, range of motions, etc... you can do a search on this site or google and you will find a list of things...

    Good luck