Memorial Medical Center


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Anyone work here or are also applying? I've been looking for a job for 3 years and started branching out for relocation because it's impossible where I am. I got past the first interview and scheduled for an interview with the floor managers on Monday. They seem like a really great hospital overall but figured I'd ask if anyone here had any advice or warnings.


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I live a couple hrs away from that area. I'm not really familiar with Memorial, but haven't heard any outrageously terrible things. Should you take a job there, just know that if things don't work out for the best or aren't as good as you hoped, Springfield also has St. John's & an LTAC hospital, Vibra. If you make the trip here, maybe you could check those places too.

St. John's is part of a larger group with hospitals in several areas of the state & offers a pension.

Really, if you can land the Memorial job & make a go of it for that golden first year, the doors should open up so you can be more selective about where you want to be, whether here in IL or back home.

Good Luck!


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Alright thank you! I just got past the second interview so things are looking good!